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Club Fees & Financial Assistance

2023/24 Fees


The Canuck Stuff Volleyball Club is a non-profit organization run by a volunteer Board of Directors. The fees your athlete is charged are actual costs for uniforms, hotels, tournament fees, coaches honorariums, gym rentals paid to the Volleydome, administrative costs, physical training, volleyballs, etc. The difference in fees is due to the age groups having different expenses such as the number of out of town tournaments, hotel costs etc. Our fee payment schedule is broken into 3 installments (Dec. 1st, Jan. 15th and Feb. 28th)

The Canuck Board of Directors are proud of our efforts in keeping club fees as low as possible every season, while offering the best possible program for your son or daughter. We do have a casino event which is scheduled for Dec. 3rd and 4th at the Elbow River Casino.  The proceeds from our Casino are used to draw down the cost of athletes fees with about $250 dollars having been applied to to each athlete's fees this year. We will be looking for at least 3 parent volunteers from each team to work the Casino in order to cover our volunteer commitment, so if you are able to help out please contact Brian.

Our club fees cover the cost for practice court time, uniforms, coach honorariums, administrative costs, balls , equipment, and dryland training for the season. Hotel costs and tournament entry fees to attend 3 Premier Tournaments, Provincials and Nationals are also included.  Entry fees and other expenses related to additional exhibition tournaments that teams may choose to attend are an additional expense to be cover by the individual teams attending.

The PROJECTED club fees for the 2023/24 season are posted on the right.
Fees are higher this year than they have been the past few years due partly just to rising cost of running our program, but also in part due to the fact that for the past number of years the club has had some surplus cash from previous seasons which we have used to subsidize the subsequent season. With the cost of everything going up last year and the added costs of re-signing and open gyms etc. last May and June, there is no surplus cash to apply to the 2023/24 season fees only the $30,000.00 from our upcoming Casino event.

For More Information contact us at or 403-973-7701.


Kelly Grosky Financial Assistance Program

The Canuck Stuff Volleyball Club will be able to offer some financial assistance to families that require help to cover the cost of various volleyball programs through the Kelly Grosky Athlete Subsidy Fund. The fund is named after Kelly Grosky who was an important part of the Canuck and Volleydome coaching staff and embodied so many of the attributes embedded in our philosophy. Kelly passed away in November of 2014 and we are proud to name our subsidy program in his honor. Kelly strongly believed in his adage of "Everybody plays....Everybody wins"

The Kelly Grosky Financial Assistance Program is designed to offer support to those promising athletes who have attained a certain degree of volleyball skill, have a positive and supportive attitude towards their fellow athletes and coaches, but who also may require financial assistance to help them cover the cost of fees associated with playing volleyball. To be eligible, the athlete must clearly state through their application, that financial support would indeed be necessary for them to participate in a specific volleyball program. All monies awarded will go directly towards the volleyball program in which the athlete is registered, which may include club or recreational youth programs run by either the Volleydome or Canuck. In certain cases, athletes may also apply to the Kelly Grosky Subsidy fund for financial assistance with other expenses such as Provincial or National team programs that will help them continue in their volleyball careers.


The student athlete and parent will be required to complete an application form and provide a recent income tax assessment for submission to the Canuck Stuff office. The applications will then be reviewed by a committee appointed by the Canuck Stuff Board of Directors. The board is responsible for allocating the funds at their discretion on a case by case basis subject to the needs and the amount of funds available at that time. Please submit your application before Dec 10th.

The application form can be downloaded HERE or obtained in confidence from the Club Administrator, Brian Gullekson, 403-973-7701.
To Donate to the Kelly Grosky Subsidy Fund please contact Brian

Projected Fees for 2023/2024

The projected fees for our Canuck athletes this year will be:

U14 Boys $3000.00
U14 Girls $3000.00
U15 Boys $3200.00
U15 Girls $3400.00
U16 Boys $3400.00
U16 Girls $3400.00

U17 Women $3400.00

U18 Women $3400.00
U17 Men $3400.00


The projected fees above are based on having 11 athletes per team and will be reviewed and adjusted if necessary to accurately reflect actual costs for each team.


Contact Club Administrator Brian Gullekson for further information:

Phone: 403.973.7701


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