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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Regarding Tryouts and Club Season

What if I don't make a team?

Our Canuck philosophy is to give as many athletes as possible the opportunity to play. Many of our athletes have come from the Volleydome Dome Defenders Program. If you find you don't make one of the competitive teams at CSVC, we would encourage you to continue to tryout for a Dome Defenders team. We are also pleased to have Dome Club which is a recreational program that offers good coaching, practice time, and game play without the travel for players between grades 5 and 11 that has space for approximately 400 kids each session at the Volleydome GYM. There are also other clubs you could tryout for and we can often help point you in their direction as we are often approached to help other clubs who are short of players.

What exactly are the tryouts for?

For the past few years we run a combined tryout for Athletes interested in playing with either Canuck or Dome Defenders teams. Players come to our annual tryouts in an effort to make one of the competitive club teams that will compete in the  Alberta Volleyball Association club season. Athletes that do not make Competitive Canuck team are encouraged to continue to tryout for a Dome Defenders Team.

What does it cost to play club volleyball?

Club fees range from $2800.00 to $3400.00 depending on the specific costs for your age division, how often your age group practices and trains, how many out of town tournaments your team is required to attend.

What does the $30.00 registration fee cover?

Your fee goes towards court rental for facilities, the cost of administering the online registration and promotional materials. The registration fee is not a fundraiser for the club.

Why are some players are pre-selected when others have to tryout?

For the past number of years, Volleyball Alberta has encouraged clubs to resign athletes interested in returning to their previous club before the school season begins. Club athletes that are interested in seeking other potential opportunities usually attend "Open Gyms" held before the resigning period so they can make an informed decision. There are usually at least a few spots still available after the early signing period and those spots are filled at tryouts. We don't actively recruit athletes but prefer if interested players reach out to us. We want athletes that are here because they want to play for Canuck and are happy to compete with other hard working players to earn that opportunity. Canuck is very fortunate to have the Volleydome as our home as many of our athletes have followed a natural progression beginning with their Dome Club recreational program, and going on to play competitive volleyball with Dome Defenders and ultimately competing for a spot on a Canuck Team roster.


What exactly am I being evaluated on?

Athletes are evaluated in many different areas; Natural physical ability, current skill level acquired, natural size and strength, attitude, work ethic, position, communication skills, coachability, and ability to function within a team framework in a competitive setting are among the most important. Ultimately we are less worried about securing the "best players before someone else does", and more concerned with finding "athletes with good attitudes and a strong work ethic".

How long is club season?

Tryouts begin in late November for U14 to U18 athletes and the season continues through to the Nationals at the end of May


What do my club fees include?

Lots! In fact almost everything except food and transportation. Hotels, AVA tournament fees, uniforms, club wear, gym rentals, coaching honorariums, equipment and team balls physical training, training aids, positional clinics are all included in the athletes fees. Athlete's fees are subsidized each year by Casino Funds. We receive a Casino to work every 20 months or so which is the only fundraising event Canuck participates in.

Who does the evaluations at Tryouts?

The evaluators are Canuck coaches who are experienced in all aspects of the game and are also the same coaches who will likely take a team in that age division. Many coaches have been involved in the tryout process for several seasons and will benefit from the assistance a Technical Committee to help make these important decisions. We are very fortunate to have the best coaches in Alberta involved in our program, including former CIS, National, and Olympic Team athletes.

When will I know if I make a team?

There will be 2-3 tryout sessions per age group. Some athletes will be notified that they are no longer being considered for a position on a Canuck team after the first session and encouraged to continue trying out for a Dome Defender team. Coaches will continue to offer spots until their rosters are full.

How are we told if we make a team or not?

The head coaches who are conducting the tryouts with feedback from all the other participating coaches, will approach athletes during and after the session and advise them of the evaluating coaches and Technical Committee's decisions.

What if I am a Multi-Sport Athlete?

Many athletes particularly at the younger age groups continue to play multiple school and community sports while playing club volleyball. Having said that it is becoming harder to commit to the demands of multiple sports while balancing school work and family life. 

Where parents can help throughout the season:
  • Assist the coach in communicating the team's activities to the other parents.

  • Help with scorekeeping and lines at tournaments to free up players.

  • Help chaperone the team at away tournaments. This may include checking rooms, enforcing curfews, and when a female team does not have a female coach, these duties are mandatory under club regulations. These duties can be shared among all parents/adults from the teams.

  • Assist in ensuring that players are transported safely to and from tournaments. Parents who transport athletes must have a minimum of one million dollars liability insurance.

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For our philosophy , please see Club Philosophy.

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Other Questions

For Questions not covered here or elsewhere on the website please conatact Club Administrator Brian Gullekson:

Phone: 403.973.7701

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